Back 2 the Trenches ‘Over the Top’ 10k

back2thetrenches-adventurerunWhen I was fully wrapped up in my transformation journey I decided to set myself a physical challenge to complete. That was and still is Tough Mudder in October 2014. When I signed up I convince 10 other guys to join me in this challenge. We all agreed  that we should do a few ‘warm up’ Obstacle Course Races (OCR) to ensure we are upping our fitness for it. However when it came round to booking up Back 2 the Trenches just after Xmas no one was up for it.

So I turned to facebook and asked a few friends who would be up for it. One came back to me and somehow she managed to convince me to sign up for the 10k instead of the 5k race. I hated her for this but thought it’s a great challenge to aim for. So I up my training and started doing a few runs (Only bit of running I ever done was mainly for food or when I made a mistake at work). Then just a week before the event she drops the bomb shell that she has hurt her knee and won’t be taking part.

My 1st thought was I can’t do this on my own, who’s going to push me and keep me going. All this was happening at the same time  I posted a picture of my transformation on facebook. I got a huge boost of confidence when so many people were saying well done and asking advise on how I have achieved the results.  All the positive feedback not only made me write my 1st blog but also made me think that I don’t need anyone to push me and keep me going. I’ve come this far on my own, so what’s another 10k!?!

10:40 on Sunday 23rd of March came. I was ready; I didn’t have any nerves; I haven’t set myself a target time to complete the 10k in; I just want to get round the course whole.

I started the Go pro recording and I was off. The course was very hilly in places; involved lots of running and of course plenty of mud. I pushed myself to limits i’ve never pushed myself to before. I crossed the line in 1hr 10mins 34sec. I had no idea how this ranked with others and had to wait a few days to get the official times and standings

When the Results were published  to say i’m over the moon is a understatement. Out of the 682 runners in the 10k race. I came 77th. YES SEVENTY-BLOODY- SEVEN. Never in a million year did I think I would be in the top 100 runners.

All in all I had an amazing time and I’m  hooked on Obstacle Course Races. I’m booked up for a Tough mudder in April now, Thinking about a a few more OCR between the 2 tough mudders and I will still be aiming to get the rest of the October team to join me on them.

Here is the edited footage of my 1st ever OCR. Enjoy!

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